The first initiative held in 2006 was the Blood Donation Campaign, a simple action that does not require many resources but that has high social impact. The participation of the associated companies in this first action was responsible for positive results: about 300 liters of blood was collected. Taking into account that each person donates a half of a liter of blood, shows that there were approximately 600 donors. But, considering the large number of staff/employees from all insurance companies associated with Abramge, there is potential for an increase. As more companies become aware of the importance of social responsibility and the power of volunteering and participating in the Abramge Cares campaigns, the number is likely to grow significantly and, with this goal, the System’s board determined that this campaign will be permanent.  Participate!
1. The actionMove the employees of the providers to donate blood. The action can even be extended to other public such as family members of employees, suppliers, client companies, and others.  
2. The periodPermanent. It is left open for every insurance company to decide on the number of days for the campaign, taking into account the number of employees, geographic distribution, conditions of the "collection partner", and other factors deemed relevant.
3. The Collection PartnerThere are standards governing the collection, storage, and transportation of human blood. That is why there must be, in every case, partnership with an organization authorized to do the procedure.
To facilitate this, we have made a list of the major blood centers in the country available for download and every associated company should contact the local organization in order to schedule the date, the number of participants in the campaign, and the necessary arrangements.
This partner will be responsible for coordinating the collection and disposal of the material. It is important to check with the organization in advance about its collection capacity is so that there are no problems on the blood drive day. This is a determining factor in the duration of the campaign, which may be extended more or less, to divide employees into smaller groups for several days, taking into account the partner's capacity.
4. The locationPreferably, the collection should be done at the insurance company’s headquarters and/or its own network’s service locations, as this increases the number of donors due to the ease of access and encouragement of people who were not sufficiently touched by the movement.
Only the collection partner is able to guarantee doing the work in locations outside the collection center. However, this may not be possible for various reasons and in this case we suggest that the insurance company make sufficient transport available for all those interested. This can be done by renting a bus/minibus for previously defined times, such as two to four trips back and forth during the day.
5. The PublicsThe main target audience of this mobilization is the employees of the insurance company associated with ABRAMGE. But the more people participating, the greater the success it will be. All communication about the drive should encourage the employees to bring family members and friends to donate.
If it is the interest of the insurance company, and if it has the conditions to meet the demand, an invitation can be extended to clients and to the local community.
6. The CommunicationThe success of this type of mobilization depends greatly on prior publicity, both in terms of exposure and for clarification.
Because of this, Abramge's portal offers promotional materials for its members to print up the material they consider most appropriate. Standard banners, street banners, posters, and standard ads to run in the local media are available.
As a suggestion, we propose the following media: bulletin board ads, pamphlets to be attached to pay slips, intranet, management and department meetings, newspapers, internal newsletters, shirts, banners, and others.
Similarly, if the insurance company chooses to open its campaign to external audiences, then payment slip notifications, company newspaper/magazine, Internet, banners in front of the collection stations and other means can be used.
Abramge will send a press release stating that it is a national mobilization, but nothing should prevent the insurance company from promoting the event itself, provided that the Abramge Cares name is not omitted and that it is a joint mobilization of several insurance companies.
At the same time, Abramge will disclose the action previously to the collection stations across the country (blood banks) so that they can be prepared and open their doors to the greatest number of members possible.
IMPORTANT: As in any corporate action, being an example is the first step. It is recommended that some executives from the board, council, or even the CEO, be some of the first to donate.


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