The dengue fever has been one of the major epidemic diseases registered in developing countries, causing great economic, social, and public health impact to the communities where it occurs.
In Brazil, successive dengue epidemics have occurred since 1986, causing more than three million cases and about six thousand cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever.
Concerned with the problem, the ANS held a meeting with representatives from the health insurance sector to discuss the current dengue fever situation in Brazil and the importance of proper patient care for reducing the number of deaths. Its goal was to update the information on the epidemic, providing information on the material distributed by the Ministry of Health in order to equip doctors, increase awareness of the need for stronger disease prevention actions, train professionals in how to take care of patients with dengue, highlight the relevance of specific tests for its diagnosis in order to avoid the late recognition of the situation, encourage the quality of health care services and to invite the participation of Supplementary Healthcare to support and disseminate these actions with physicians and beneficiaries.

At the time, material was also distributed that can be requested from the Ministry of Health, such as the "Roadmap for training medical professionals in the diagnosis and treatment" and "Diagnosis and clinical management - adults and children," plus a CD (see its content here) with the history of the disease and information dealing with everything from organizing services aimed at reducing mortality to preparing a multidisciplinary team for integrated care, clinical aspects and treatment.

We ask our members to be committed to this campaign in order to add their efforts to the country's fight against this disease.


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