ABRAMGE, aware of its social role and sector representation, it launched its Birth IS Normal Project in 2008 with a broad program of actions such as subsidies for its members in order to reduce cesarean births across the country.

The Project had three main lines as its proposal base:

- Health education directed to pregnant women/users and support material
- Continued education for physicians, promoting continuing education events in obstetrics

- Management by the associated insurance companies, seeking measures to encourage the improvement of indicators


The brochure "10 Reasons to Have a Normal Delivery" is directed to couples so that they can have all the information necessary to choose the type of delivery, making the criteria, motives, and particularities that come with each of them clear, and leaving no doubts or fears behind, letting parents know the conveniences and comforts that only a normal delivery can bring to the lives of pregnant women and their babies.  This brochure is available to download (see here) so that the associated provider can insert its logo on the material and print it in the amount deemed necessary for distributing it to its target audience, especially pregnant women covered by their health plan.  This guidance material with the provider’s logo can also be used on its website.


The pendant in the shape of the program's symbol/logo with a chain is suggested for pregnant women who had a normal delivery. The member may purchase the brochures (minimum quantity of 200 units) with Abramge's communication department using the following e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

This project is a response to a global concern with the large and growing proportion of cesarean deliveries compared to normal deliveries.
The issue is complex and involves cultural, economic, social, and structural elements.
Because of this, isolated actions from the insurance companies are unlikely to reduce cesarean rates to acceptable levels. However, it is possible to start an educational and behavior change process that aims to meet the targets of the National Health Agency, or at least reduce the cesarean rate by 15% in the next three years.

Your company’s participation is critical to the campaign’s success. Participate!!!!!


BROCHURE: "10 Reasons to have a Normal Delivery"

Log in here to download the full content in PDF and/or zip for inserting the logo.


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